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What to Expect

First Visit

Consultation/Exam/NUCCA X-rays
On your first visit to Advanced Wellness Clinic, the doctor will sit down with you and listen to your concerns. Any health problems, injuries, accidents and surgeries including any diagnostic tests, MRI’s and x-rays will be addressed. He will then discuss those concerns with you, explain the NUCCA procedure, and inform of the potential it has to help your specific concerns.

After a discussion with the doctor, precise measurements of your spinal balance are taken. The doctor will perform some orthopaedic exams tailored to your history as well as use other devices including the Gravity Stress Analyzer to analyze your standing posture. A supine leg check is also used to determine leg length inequality and help determine if you have an upper cervical misalignment and if NUCCA would be of benefit to you.
If it is determined that you have significant body imbalance and would benefit from NUCCA spinal health care, a specific, laser aligned, low dose x-ray series will be taken and mathematically analyzed to determine your exact misalignment pattern.
These x-rays give the doctor the necessary information needed to correct your misalignment, this is all done before your first spinal correction. Like a thumb print, everyone’s misalignment is different, and they must be adjusted accordingly.

Second Visit

Report of Findings/First Adjustment/ Post X-rays
This is often our patients favourite appointment.
On this appointment the doctor will go over your analyzed x-rays with you, showing and explaining your specific misalignment to you. Everyone’s misalignment is unique to them, and will be adjusted accordingly. After going through your x-rays with you, the doctor will take you for your very first adjustment.

Based on the x-ray analysis results we will have you lay on your side on the adjusting table and position your head into place. We will take some more measurements, and then the doctor will place their hand near your ear where the side of the atlas / 1st neck vertebra is located and apply a number of very light and subtle corrections. This moves the spinal bones of the neck very carefully back into place. The patient will often feel light pressure at the contact point and the adjustment usually takes a few minutes to perform. There is no twisting / cracking or popping and the adjustment slowly brings your head, neck and atlas back into proper alignment.
Following the adjustment, post X-rays will be taken and analyzed to ensure an optimal correction has been achieved. The resulting alignment relieves stress on postural muscles and nerves allowing the body to heal itself. The NUCCA correction is known as a whole body adjustment, because the whole spine begins to re-align and people with lower body injuries also respond extremely well to the NUCCA correction.

Third and Subsequent Visits

Follow up Appointments
At Advanced Wellness Clinic we understand that everyones spinal correction and healing response is unique to them, you will be monitored closely once a week with follow-up visits for the first 6-8 weeks of care to ensure the body is re-aligning itself and becoming stable. During these follow up visits the doctor will measure your posture and check for leg length discrepancy to ensure the spinal correction is maintained for as long as possible as the healing process continues.

Further adjustments are only necessary when the body demonstrates a sufficient misalignment is present.
NUCCA continues to help thousands of people of all ages regain and maintain their health throughout their lifetime. It is our goal to help our patients achieve optimal stability reducing practitioner dependency. At The Advanced Wellness Clinic, we offer a conservative approach which allows the body to heal and be well.

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