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How important is it to be checked for a misalignment?
Very important, misalignments when caught early, can uncover and remove interference to the nervous system preventing many conditions from developing. It can also get you back on the path towards a healthier and happier you. NUCCA promotes healing, is preventative and is beneficial for all ages.
Why am I adjusted in the neck when my pain is in my back?
The top bone in the neck (Atlas) houses the bottom portion of the brainstem, a misalignment of the Atlas bone creates pressure on that area leading to neurological dysfunction within the body. This can cause the postural muscles to tighten up putting pressure on the discs and nerves leading to disfunction/pain.
Do children benefit from NUCCA care?
Yes, children right from birth can have complications to their spine from labour and delivery, learning to walk, playing sports and other activities. NUCCA is very safe and gentle and children tend to respond very well to care.
Why is an alignment not given on the basis of how I feel?
When a correction is made, the nervous system may become more sensitive, making you more aware of your body’s dysfunction. This is part of the healing process and is usually quite temporary. Adjustments are given only when the nervous system exhibits leg length disparity, postural and atlas temperature imbalance or when x-ray measurements so indicate.
Should everyone be checked for a misalignment?
Absolutely, checking the bodies nervous system and removing interference can help prevent many conditions from developing later in life. NUCCA care is safe, gentle and beneficial for all ages.
Am I adjusted at each appointment?
If the doctor finds no structural misalignment during an examination, then an adjustment should not be given. This indicates that the body has maintained its alignment and no adjustment is needed on that visit.
How long will it take for me to get better?

Recovery is largely dependent upon:

  • The length of time your body has been misaligned.

  • The extent of damage to your nerves/discs

  • The degree of correction obtained.

  • Your bodies resiliency.

  • The active care you as a patient take in following the recommended care plan of the chiropractor.

Do all patients receive the same adjustment?
There are thousands of different ways the atlas, skull and the rest of the neck can become misaligned. Every adjustment is different and calculated specifically to the patients x-ray analysis.
How can I tell if I need an adjustment?
Some patients are able to feel a difference of when their neck is out of alignment compared to in alignment or are able check their posture themselves after being under care for some time. The only sure way is to be checked periodically by the doctor for any signs of an Atlas subluxation (misalignment of the neck).
After maintaining my adjustment for a period of time and suddenly another adjustment is required, what has happened if there has been no injury or known cause?
Healing of body is a process, not an event. Initially, there is a tendency for the body to shift back to it’s old postural habits due to poor muscle memory. It takes time to retrain the muscles and achieve stability in your newly corrected state. Periodic office visits are necessary to maintain balance and continue the healing process.
Why do some patients take longer to heal than others?
Some misalignments are complex and can require months to years to correct. Other misalignments are relatively easy to reduce. Factors such as age, the length of time you have had your injuries, the number of falls, concussions, auto accidents, etc., all can contribute to healing time.
Will my symptoms return as soon as my spine misaligns again and will I always feel the same symptoms right away?
Not always. After holding your adjustment for a considerable amount of time healing takes place. It will often require time for the symptoms to return when your body misaligns. Just as it takes time to get well, it takes time to get sick. This is a big reason that you cannot trust your symptoms to tell you when you need to be adjusted.
Can I talk to the doctor?
Yes! You may call Dr. Jordan Ausmus at 403-475-0039, or you may reach him by email at
Will my insurance cover care?
Yes, We accept and direct bill most Insurance Plans.

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